41f. BEK158A - MGB GT - LEAF SPRING KIT - STD - 65-74


This BEK158A Rear leaf spring kit with fittings & bushes is suitable for all MGB GT models from 1965-1974 - (Excluding V8)

This kit contains all of the parts required to completely replace your rear leaf springs. And, as the standard rubber shackle bushes and spring mounting pads don't seem to last five minutes these days.

This is exactly what you get in the kit :-

2 x Rear Leaf Springs

2 x Spring Eye Bolts With Nuts And Washers

4 x U Bolts With Nyloc Nuts

2 x Axle Pedestals

4 x Spring Plates

4 x Spring Mounting Pads

2 x Rear Shackle Assemblies

8 x Rear Shackle Bushes


Please Note:- All our leaf springs come supplied painted, this is to stop surface rust only.  It is not a cosmetic coating.  Please be aware that this may become chipped in transit due to the excessive weight of the springs, but this chipping will not affect the integrity of the item itself.