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BEK174 - MGB GT & MGC GT High Quality Intertia Seat Belt Kit & Fittings - Not Currently Available

Contains 2 belt assemblies and all brackets and fixings to install.

Please Note: Owners of late model cars fitted with the seat belt warning light must remove the bulb and insulate the harness plug when installing this kit.

This kit includes the following:-

2 x SBI1 - Inertia seat belts

2 x MSC10172 - Brackets


Why choose this kit??

This kit does not contain "universal" belts, designed to fit a dozen different cars!

This kit does not contain belts that are too long, which drag on the floor when they're not being worn!

This kit does not contain belts with unsightly tumbler adjusting knobs on a reel, necessary because you have to adjust the mechanism depending on what car they are fitted to!

This kit does not contain belts with exposed reels, becuase they are really intended to be fitted our of view behind trim panels.


This kit has been specifically designed to fit the MGB & MGC, meaning:-

This belt lengths are correct, and include buckle retainers to keep the buckles within easy reach

There is no adjustment required, becuase you are fitting them to the car they we designed for!

The belt reel has a moulded cover, which is not only protects the belt when it is retracted, but also makes for much a neater appearance

Also included are plastic finishing caps for the lower mounting bolts.