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Whether you use your MGB all the year round, or just on weekends and holidays, you can't help but notice that today's roads are a dangerous place to be!When the MGB was introduced it's brakes were considered quite satisfactory for the demands that motoring of the day placed on them. However, times have changed, and with it vehicle performance and driving styles. Cars not only go faster, they stop faster as well! The result is that often there is now less distance available to brake in, with less time to do it, and if your MGB is still using standard brakes this can put you at a major disadvantage!

Fortunately, this situation is easily rectified. For just a few hours work you can not only totally replace your MGB's front brakes, but increase their performance as well! The EBC GreenStuff pads included in the kit increase braking efficiency by at least 25% and have a zero warm-up time, giving you their full benefit from the moment your journey starts. The grooved and drilled brake discs also play an important part. Whilst the grooves constantly wipe the surface of the pad, reducing the chances of brake fade under heavy braking by dispersing the gases released from the pad material, the cross-drilled holes help lower the running temperature of the disc. These two components alone would offer a considerable increase to your braking, but the benefits don't end there! Also included in the kit is a set of 3 Goodridge stainless steel braided brake hoses. Not only do these give a firmer, more responsive brake pedal by eliminating the spongy feel experienced when rubber hoses expand under pressure, they look great as well!  Add to this winning combination a pair of brake calipers and stainless steel disc backplates, together with all the fittings required to do the conversion, and the result is an MGB which is not only safer on the road, but more enjoyable to drive as well!

This is exactly what's included in the kit :-

2 x MGB Brake Calipers

2 x Drilled & Grooved Brake Discs

2 x Stainless Steel Disc Backplates

8 x Disc to Hub Bolts With High Tensile Nuts and Spring Washers

4 x Caliper Mounting Bolts

2 x Caliper Locktabs

4 x Brake Pad Retainer Pins

4 x Brake Pad Retainer Clips

1 x Set EBC GreenStuff Kevlar Brake Pads

1 x Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Hose Set

Please Note:- The manufacturer does not warranty this item to be used with silicone brake fluid.