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This BEK118 polyurethane front suspension bush kit is suitable for all MGB's including V8.

This kit contains all of the bushes required to upgrade your front suspension.The MGB's standard suspension bushes are made from rubber, and their flexibility absorbs a good degree of vibration from the road, which is good. Unfortunately this flexibility also allows a good degree of movement within the suspension geometry, resulting in adverse handling characteristics, which is bad! Replacement of these bushes with polyurethane ones will have a positive effect on your handling whilst still maintaining the ride quality of a flexible bush - the best of both worlds! They also last considerably longer than the standard ones, making them more cost effective in the long term!


Here is exactly what's included in this kit :-

2 x 8G621SP - Sets Of Top Trunnion Bushes With Stainless Steel Crush Tubes

4 x BHH1123SP - Sets Of Wishbone Bushes With Stainless Steel Crush Tubes