BEK028 - Classic Mini Brake Servo and Fitting Kit

Suitable for all classic Mini models fitted with single circuit brakes

Original Part Numbers:- LE72696, TT3949Z

This brand new servo kit is suitable for all MGA models, MGB & Midget models from 1962 to 1976 fitted with single circuit brakes, and all Sprite models.  It can also be used to improve the braking on all Morris Minor and Triumph Spitfire models, and classic Mini models fitted with single circuit brakes.

The kit includes a set of generic mounting brackets, enabling it to be fitted to a non-servo assisted vehicle. (PLEASE NOTE, THESE BRACKETS WERE DESIGNED BY LOCKHEED AND WILL NOT BE THE SAME AS THOSE FACTORY FITTED TO A SPECIFIC VEHICLE BY ITS MANUFACTURER).

Also included is a length of servo hose and an additional brake pipe for this purpose, however, as the kit is intended for several different models the length of these may not suitable for all applications. It should also be noted that the kit does not include the adaptor required for the inlet manifold.

With a 1.9:1 boost ratio this is a direct reproduction the Lockheed LE72696 servo kit, and of course the servo can be used on its own as a replacement for an existing servo.

Please Note:- The manufacturer does not warranty this item to be used with silicone brake fluid.