Concourse Auto Products


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These outdoor car covers manufactured by Concourse Auto Products are the latest generation of four layer breathable car covers.  With increased waterproofing and a light weight fabric, these outdoor covers are a much improved version of the classic outdoor car cover.


Help protect your vehicle from Ultra violet rays, Rain, Snow, Frost, Dust, Dirt, Scratches & scrapes, Birds and Tree Sap.

Storage bag provided

Provided with underbody straps, as well as front and rear eyelets to aid in windy conditions (Just remember to leave a bit of slack when fastening).  A locking kit facility is also avalable to purchase seperately.

Made from polyproplyene, the outdoor cover consists of four seperate layers, two non-woven top layers to provide UV protection and waterproofing, a third breathable/waterproof film and the fourth layer is a soft non-woven inner lining to prevent scratching and aid breathability. Double stiched seam help with the waterproofing capabilities, along with strength and durability.  Front and rear elastic hems are heavy duty and help to fit the cover to your vehicle.  The eyelets situated at the front and rear of the cover as well as the straps give extra security in windy conditions.


(In snowy conditions please brush off the snow at the earliest convenience to ensure breathability)