00a. BEK115 - MGB - FUEL TANK KIT - 1965-1976


This BEK115 fuel tank kit is suitable for chrome bumper MGB & MGB GT from 1965-1976, and all MGC models. 

Please Note: Sometimes these tanks are supplied in a galvanised finish, other times they are black.  Both are of the same quality, but if you have a preference please contact us before placing your order to check which we have in stock at that time.


This is exactly what's in the kit :-

1 x NRP2Z - Fuel Tank in black or galvanised finish (depending on availability)

1 x AHU1027 - Fuel Sender Unit

1 x ARA1501 & ARA1502 - Fuel Sender Unit Lock Ring & Seal

1 x AHH7388 -Foam Filler Neck to Floor Seal

1 x MBK121 - Fuel Tank Mounting Kit

4 x AHH7386 -Fuel Tank Seating Strips