This BEK114 Electronic fuel pump kit is suitable for all MGB models from 1965-1974 & all MGC models.  It contains all the parts required to replace your existing fuel pump.

Although this pump uses all of the original fittings, and even mounts into the original bracket, fortunately it is not the original pump! 

Inside this pump, there are no contact points to oxidise, bringing your car to an untimely halt and forcing you to scrabble underneath the rear wheels with a hammer (or whatever else is to hand) in the hopes of coaxing a little more life out of it! 

Instead, this pump uses modern, solid state circuitry.  The result is a pump which functions just as the original did, but is infinitely more reliable.  The best of both worlds!

This is what's in the kit :-

1 x AZX1307Q - Electronic Fuel Pump

4  x AUC2141 - Fibre Sealing Washers

1 x AHH6708Q - Pump Mounting Grommet

1 x AHH6709 - Bracket

1 x GHF117 - Screw

3 x GHF300 - Washer

3 x GHF331 - Spring Washer

3 x GHF300 - Nut 

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