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This BEK104 Rear leaf spring fitting kit is suitable for MGB Roadster from 1966 on, and all MGB GT & MGC models.

Quantity required - 1

This is exactly what you get in this kit :-

4 x AHH7334 - Spring Plates

4 x AHC409 - U-Bolts

8 x GHF223 - 3/4 UNF Nyloc Nuts

2 x AHH7335 - Bump Stop Pedestals

2 x AHH5018K - Rear Shackles With Closing Plates, Nuts & Washers

2 x BH607261 - 7/16 UNF Bolt

2 x GHF334 - 7/16 Spring Washer

2 x GHF203 - 7/16 UNF Nut

Now, as for your choice of bushes to fit with this kit, whilst there is an argument for standard rubber ones (and they're certainly inexpensive these days), they seem to last no time at all. In fact, no sooner have you done the job that your MOT tester's telling you they need changing again! Fortunately help is at hand. Our BEK117 kit contains a full set of polyurethane rear bushes that perfectly compliment this kit. Fit them and forget them, simple as that!