This BEK172DG Front brake upgrade kit is suitable for all 1600 & 1600MKII MGA models (not Twin Cam or Deluxe), and will enable you to fully overhaul your front brakes.

Not only does this excellent value kit contain everything that you need, but the calipers also come with the correct silver zinc plated finish, so they look original when fitted, unlike other yellow zinc passivated versions on the market! And because the calipers are brand new there's no need to send your old calipers back in exchange for reconditioned ones, saving you even more money!!

This is exactly what's included in the kit:-

1 x 17H7734 - Brand New RIGHT hand Front Brake Caliper

1 x 17H7735 - Brand New LEFT hand Front Brake Caliper

2 x BTB108DG - Drilled & Grooved Brake Discs

1 x DP2107 - Set of Greenstuff EBC Brake Pads

2 x 17H7733 - Brake Pad Retaining Clips

2 x 17H7732 Brake Pad Retaining Pins

2 x BHA4139Z - Brake Hoses

2 x 233220A - Copper Washer

2 x 3H550 - Copper Washer

2 x 1G9198 - Lock Plates

2 x NT606041 - 3/8 UNF Nut

2 x GHF323 - Star Washers

Please Note:- The manufacturer does not warranty this item to be used with silicone brake fluid.