00. BEK176 - 3/4 in. ANTI ROLL BAR KIT

February Sale - Available While Stocks Last!

This BEK176 - 3/4" anti-roll bar kit contains all of the parts required to upgrade the standard MGB front anti-roll bar to 3/4" diameter.

Quantity required - 1

Changing your anti-roll bar to a 3/4" diameter, helps to stiffen the suspension and reduce the chance of the inner rear wheel lifting during enthusiastic cornering, whilst still retaining a level of comfort for everyday driving and long distant touring.

Items included in this kit:-

1 x BHH1219 - 3/4" Front Anti-Roll Bar

2 x AHH7927SP - 3/4" Polyurethane Anti-Roll Bar Bushes

2 x BHH2000 - Anti-Roll Bar Mounting Brackets

4 x GHF103 - Screw

4 x GHF332 - Spring Washer

2 x AHC146 - Anti-Roll Bar Bolt

2 x GHF334 - Spring Washer

2 x GHF334 - Nyloc Nut