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This BEK102 rear brake service kit is suitable for all MGB GT models from 1968 on.

Quantity required - 1

The last time you worked on the rear brakes of your MGB did you find that you actually spent longer cleaning up the parts you weren't replacing than you did fitting the parts that you were, only to find after all the cleaning that a crucial part wasn't serviceable? Then follows the mad panic, as you franticaly try and get a replacement on a Sunday because your car's in bits! If you haven't then you're one of the lucky ones, but if you have, you'll be pleased to know that help is at hand!

This is exactly what's included in the kit :-

1 x GBS740 - Set of Rear Brake Shoes

2 x GWC1122Z - Wheel Cylinders With Retaining Clips

2 x BAU2294Z - Rear Brake Adjusters With Nuts & Washers

2 x 17H8057 - Handbrake Lever Boots

4 x  Shoe Steady Pins With Springs & Caps

1 x BSK3 - Set Brake Shoe Springs

2 x 27H6479 - Handbrake Pull Off Springs

Please Note:- The manufacturer does not warranty this item to be used with silicone brake fluid.