NRP2Z - Suitable for all UK and European specification MGB & MGC models from 1965-1976.. 

Quantity required - 1

Please Note: Sometimes these tanks are supplied in a galvanised finish, other times they are black.  Both are of the same quality, but if you have a preference please contact us before placing your order to check which we have in stock at that time.

This item is suitable for chrome bumper MGB's & GT's from 1965-76, and all MGC models. - Fitted to vehicles from GHN3-48766 up to GHN/D5-386600.

Note: From GHN/D5-386601 up to GHN5-415000/GHD5-412300 fuel tank NRP1132 was used. NRP1132 is now unavailable but may be replaced with NRP2Z together with filler neck AHH6281 and gasket BHH191.

If you require fittings with this item, check out our kit BEK115